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Strawbery Banke Historic Orchid 1880s Greenhouse Project

September, 2018 Update:    While we wish the Strawberry Banke Orchid project well, it was decided by their management to limit / reduce what they kept throughout the winter in their very modest greenhouse.   Thus,  NHOS has not been involved for several years now.  

In the spring of 2012, led by Jean Stefanik, volunteers from both the NHOS and Portsmouth Garden Club gathered in Portsmouth to work with John Forti in restoring, repotting, and renewing their orchid collection.  We inventoried existing plants, repotted many of them, and repotted into more historically accurate clay pots.

Volunteers have included: Jean Stefanik, Mike Mattozzi, Ulla Jurrissen, Jeff Langley

Donations have included: Thirty six orchids (donated by NHOS). Potting and fertilizing materials were donated by NHOS (and discounted by Kelley's Korner, THANK-YOU!); Copper plant tags donated by NHOS, Clay pots, orchid plants, and hangers were donated by Jean Stefanik, clay pots donated by Portsmouth Garden Club, and more clay pots donated by Ann Liu.

Contact Jean Stefanik  send me emails if you would like more information, or to be involved in upcoming activities

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