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April 2024 UPDATE:      Dr.  Peter Faletra is now the Executive Director of the Academy of Science,  located in Lyme, NH (adjacent to Crossroads Academy).    The Academy provides amazing opportunities for young researchers in after-school, vacation, and summer sessions.  During consultations witt, and additional grant support from NHOS, they were encouraged to collaborate with Orchid Digest, and were featured in the Jan/Feb/Mar 2024 issue.   A group presented posters and their research at the World Orchid Conference in Taiwan in late February 2024,  and received awards.

September, 2018 UPDATE:   Dr Faletra and his amazing students continue their orchid conservation efforts.   They have been awarded numerous grants,  scholarships,  and demonstrate what is best about the educational process... making a real difference!  Many years they have spoken to the NHOS, both at meetings and the annual show,  and the students were featured speakers at the Native Orchid Conference held in northern NH in 2015.   They welcome visitors and inquiries!

In 2011 conversations began between Jean Stefanik (NHOS) and Dr.Peter Faletra, instructor at Crossroads Academy in Lyme, NH. Some of you may remember Dr. Faletra as the driving force of the Lin-Wood project over a decade ago.  He has a small but dedicated group of middle school children learning about sterile seed propagation strategies. They have flasked, and have hundreds of Cypripedium reginae protocorms now developing.

NHOS invited Crossroads Academy to display at the NHOS Orchid Show, and their display garnered not only First Place ribon and trophy in the Conservation / Education class, but also a prestigious American Orchid Society Educational Display award as well.

Dr. Faletra and his students (and many of their parents as well) were the speakers at the March, 2012 NHOS meeting in Bedford. They described the scope of the conservation project, answered questions, and explained techniques. Planting dates have not yet been determined.

NHOS will actively partner with Crossroads in locating appropriate locations for restoration of this amazing native species. Requirements for potential locations include conservation-designated property, a commitment to stewardship and monitoring the orchids, and most importantly, suitable habitat, or a location which can be amended to accommodate the needs of the plants. Also, locations with good potential for education about conservation through signage and easy access to the public will be preferred. If you have suggestions, please contact Jean Stefanik send me emails to provide more specific information.

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