The New Hampshire
Orchid Society

NHOS Show Table Results

July 2018

Judges: Jean Stefanik. Steve Tacopina, David Sparks, George Newman and Chuck Wingate

Hobbyist Category

Phalaenopsis Alliance: 2nd Hybrid Norm Selander-Carrier

Paphiopedilum Alliance: none

Cattleya Alliance: 1st and cultural Blc Morning Song "Crownfox" AM/AOS William Schinella

Vanda Alliance:  none

Dendrobium Alliance:  none

Oncidium Alliance:  none

Cymbidium Alliance:  none

Pleurothallid Alliance:  none


Misc. Genera:  none



Advanced Grower Category: All Cultural Awards -  none


Expert Grower Category: All Cultural Awards

Mystacidium capense Steve Tacopina

Schoenorchis gemmata David Sparks

Phymatidium falcifolium David Sparks

Barbosella cogniauxiana David Sparks

Cattleya Mem.Frances Curry Bob Cleveland

Prosthechea mariae Bob Cleveland

Cleisocentron gokusingii Chuck Andersen

Schlimmia alpina Chuck Andersen

Den pentapterum Chuck Andersen

Epidendrum fimbriatum Chuck Andersen

Den cuthbertsonii Chuck Andersen

Den subacaule Chuck Andersen

Den hellwigianum "Pink" Chuck Andersen

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