The New Hampshire
Orchid Society

NHOS Show Table Results

September 2018


Judges: Jean Stefanik, Tom Gregg, Mark Gray, Sue Labonville, Lee Brockmann, 

Chuck Wingate

Hobbyist Category:

Phalaenopsis Alliance:

1st – phal amabilis var. randiflora – Shoshana Boar

2nd - Paph Spottion – Brian Sargent

Paphiopedilum Alliance: none

Cattleya Alliance:

1st – Blc Robin Henery “Sweet Scent” - William Schinella

Vanda Alliance: none

Dendrobium Alliance: none

Oncidium Alliance: 

1st - moon shadow Tiger Tail, AM/AOS – Soshanana Boar

Cymbidium Alliance:none

Pleurothallid Alliance: none

Misc. Gen - none

Advanced Grower Category: All Cultural Awards

Dendrobium cuthbertsionii – Sue Labonville

Schoenorchis fragrans – Lee Brockmann

Expert Grower Category: All Cultural Awards - R = rarity

Brachycorythis laotica – Marc Gray -R-

Habenaria Group hodocheila and erichmichelii – Chuck Wingate

Maxillaria coccinea “Jack & Jody” - Chuck Wingate

Stelis argentata – Bob Cleveland

Stenocryne aurea-fulva – Bob Cleveland -R-


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